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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingsLover</b></div><div>Alright, but solely relying on Hintz to develop that quickly can cause problems. Like Injuries? If he gets injured does that mean Faksa is the number two again? That was Dallas' problem all of last season that the depth was weak. Zajac at least helps that and I've left enough money back so that they can sign a top 4 d-man, but who is really available? There are two options: Tyler Myers and Anton Stralman, the latter of whom would want probably 4 years at at least 4.5 mil plus with the way the market is. Myers could workout but he is all kinds of inconsistent throughout his career and I'd be weary handing him a big contract.</div></div>

I doubt it. Strålman's season was quite broken...can't think of a better word. Only 47 games, mostly injured. He's not getting another $4,5M contract. I could see DAL offering a 2-3 year deal for him in $3,5-3,75M AAV.

This year we have had many 2Cs - starting with Spezza, then Faksa, Dickinson, even Dowling and now there's Hintz. We can manage with our centers, that hasn't been an issue a single time this season. Even Benn, Janmark and Pitlick can play as centers if necessary.

Zajac's decent, but he's also overpaid and not worth that much. He wouldn't really be a change of what the team already has. He doesn't bring anything that special to the table that we should take almost $6M to our cap, not to mention losing some good assets in the process. There are much better ways to use that money. Also there's better options to inquire about. Like Brassard for instance as you said. Or maybe even Hayes if DAL decides to use Hintz as that scoring winger. That can happen, too.

Ideally if SJ re-signs Karlsson, I'd go after Pavelski, assuming that SJ can't afford to keep both. A 3 to 4-year deal for a guy like him would be fantastic, he'd be a solid force to both our offense and defense, and a mentor for our younger players.
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